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What is Speaking Roses?

The New Way Of Expression

The Speaking Roses product is a new way to express yourself, a new way to communicate, and a better way to share personalized messages!

We have created and patented the ability to print photos, monograms, logos, pictures, signatures, and icons on both silk and live fresh flowers, making flowers the new vehicle for any message.

Our mission is to bring speaking roses to your business, regardless of size and experience. We strive to provide everybody with the same level of quality training and expertise necessary to be successful, licensee's are never alone with our around the clock support. We want all our customers to have the best training possible to back up our innovative patented technology.

When we conceived the idea to combine greeting cards with roses over a decade ago, we never could have imagined the impact we would have on the floral industry. Our patented technology to print messages on live or silk flowers produced an overwhelming response.

Founded in Salt Lake City, Utah by René Rodriguez, Speaking Roses now has roots in countries all over the world. We have been providing everyday people the opportunity to become licensee's and produce our flowers no matter where they are, or what kind of business they have. From local shops and online sales we saw our product used for all kinds of occasions. From Weddings and Baby Showers, to corporate events and Marketing tools, Speaking Roses has made a lasting impression.

Distributor's Pick Award - 2005 Annual Conference of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) - Las Vegas

This is the highest award from over 20,000 distributors in a global organization that represents a $20 billion industry in the US alone. The top honor, selected from thousands of competing new products, is given to the best new product of the year as voted by the distributors that sell the products.

Innovation Award - International Horti Fair 2005 (Holland)

Speaking Roses was a finalist in one of horticulture's most important and prestigious show of the world. Fair judges narrowed the field of more than 600 contestants for 2005 award to eight finalists in the technical section.

Notable Recognitions

  • Forbes Magazine
  • Intouch Magazine,
  • People’s Magazine,
  • Family Circle,
  • Inc Magazine,
  • Wall Street Journal,
  • The Kentucky Derby,
  • CNN,
  • Many local channels,
  • Miss America,
  • CNBC,
  • E! Entertaiment,
  • Ellen DeGeneres Show,
  • Good Morning America,
  • Indy 500 Victory Party,
  • Rose Bowl,
  • Orange Bowl,
  • People Magazine,
  • Emmy Awards,
  • ABC Rose Bowl,
  • USA Today,
  • Grammy Awards,
  • Radio Music Award,
  • American Music Award,
  • NAACP Image Awards,
  • Academy of Country Music award,
  • TBS Earth to America Celebration,
  • And many, many more...
  • Grand Opening of Clinton Presidential Library,
  • Ryan & Trista’s Wedding for ABC TV’s Bachelorette,
  • Inaugural Black Tie & Boots VIP Dinner for President George W. Bush,



The Speaking Roses state-of-the-art process of embossing on live petals and other organic products has been patented in order to maintain its uniqueness and protect the Speaking Roses licensee against large corporations seeking to exploit the idea and mass-produce the Speaking Roses products and methods.

All in all, we hold over one hundred patents and trademarks in countries around the world. In the United States alone, we have already defended two of our patents in legal proceedings with favorable results, discouraging unauthorized and illegal copycats. These patents provide a very secure future for all Speaking Roses license holders